Portfolio Investment Opportunities

The Fund plans to have a mix of investments across multiple collateral profiles and capital structures. The portfolio flexibility is not constrained by having to track any specific benchmark or index in constructing its investment portfolio. 1WS Credit Income Fund is an actively managed closed-end interval fund with disciplined top down risk management. Investment opportunities are typically expected to fall into three categories:

Fundamental Credit

  • Emphasis on high conviction long credit opportunities leveraging deep experience in underwriting complex fundamentals with potential to capture liquidity premium if available
  • Premium on top down portfolio construction and portfolio risk management


  • Long positions in securities with identifiable underlying catalysts for positive asset re-pricing such as structural or cash flow changes, call optionality
  • Broad mix of fundamental exposures

Loan Opportunities

  • Long investments in first lien and subordinate positions (mezzanine) in residential and consumer loan portfolios and commercial real estate
  • Capture “liquidity premium” when available

Fund Structure

Fund Facts

Name 1WS Credit Income Fund
Ticker Class I: OWSCX
Class A-2: OWSAX
Targeted Income Frequency Quarterly
Capital Gain Frequency Annually
Redemption Windows Quarterly
Tax Reporting 1099-DIV
Sales Charge Class I: None
Class A-2: Up to 3.00%
Distribution/Shareholder Servicing Fees Class I: None
Class A-2: 0.75%
Distributor ALPS Distributors, Inc.

Quarterly Liquidity For Shareholders

The Fund is a continuously offered, closed-end interval fund. The Fund’s Board of Trustees authorized a Share Repurchase Plan+ that offers to repurchase shares at Net Asset Value (“NAV”) quarterly, subject to terms & conditions.

Repurchase Offer Months

Jan Feb Mar
Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep
Oct Nov Dec

The Fund currently expects to make quarterly repurchase offers of 5% of the Fund’s shares out- standing. The Fund will make quarterly repurchase offers in March, June, September and December.

The strategy is offered in a closed-end interval fund. The team believes this structure better aligns with the liquidity profile of the opportunities they will invest in.